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The Fiat Currency Fraud

Richard Russell, one of the world's most knowledgeable and respected financial advisors recently stated that fiat money is “the greatest fraud ever perpetuated on the American public.” More »

Gold Is Sound Money

Throughout recorded history, especially in turbulent times, individuals and investors have searched for an investment that will protect them and their families, and act as... More »

Gold And Economic Freedom

The following essay, Gold and Economic Freedom” was written by Alan Greenspan, who argues strongly here in favor of a gold standard and against the concept of a central bank. More »

Game Over For Fiat Currency

Texas Congressman Ron Paul delivered the following address to the United States Congress. Paul has run for President of the United States twice—in 1988 as nominee of the... More »

Aftershock: Protect Yourself

Excerpts-Wall Street Journal Bestselling Book: “Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown” More »

Monex And Gold: Best Practices

In all of human history, the rise of the United States, our nation’s advancement of liberty, and the unparalleled growth of our economy have certainly been among the most remarkable achievements. More »

Monex and Gold: Best Practices

In all of human history, the rise of the United States, our nation's advancement of liberty, and the unparalleled growth of our economy have certainly been among the most remarkable achievements.  All people who have worked and saved and laid claim to the American Dream can be justifiably proud. However, early in the 21st century, we are now being forced to come to terms with serious debts, deficits, and crises that are real, not imagined – crises that pose a serious threat to uninformed investors who place all their faith in a fiat currency, the U.S. dollar.

Monex believes that every citizen and individual investor should strongly consider protecting themselves and their families from economic, political, and geo-political uncertainty by diversifying their portfolios to include gold and other precious metals.

Why Monex Is the Most Trusted Name in Precious Metals

For 40 years, Monex has been America's trusted name in precious metals.  Monex Deposit Company, which commenced business in 1987, is one of the oldest and largest firms in North America specializing in physical precious metals investments for individual investors.  With a large and dedicated staff of professionals and a convenient two-way market, Monex has helped tens of thousands of individual investors buy, sell, and trade gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion and coins.  As America's foremost precious metals dealer, Monex has executed more than $30 Billion in total customer transactions. As a testament to Monex' leadership role and reputation in the industry, the Austrian Mint bestows their logo alongside the Monex logo on its 10 ounce gold bar. Let's summarize the reasons why investors rely on Monex:

  1. Because the Monex name has been associated with precious metals for more than 40 years;
  2. Because Monex has become one of the larges precious metals merchants in the U.S., with customer transactions exceeding $2 Billion per year for the last ten years;
  3. Because 80% of Monex' business is from customers doing repeat business;
  4. Because 25% of Monex' customers are referred by other customers;
  5. Because Monex has never failed to deliver every ounce of metals customers purchase;
  6. Because Monex respects the privacy of its customers by never selling, renting, or leasing its customers' names to anyone;
  7. Because Monex' spot prices track the COMEX, NYMEX, and London exchange spot prices almost perfectly;
  8. Because year after year, Monex has made a continuous two-way, buy and sell market during its 12-hour trading day.

While Monex is proud of its history as North America's leading two-way buy sell market for precious metals – we take even greater pride in our commitment to provide investors with the finest information and resources with which to make informed investment decisions.

If you are considering taking advantage of current opportunities in gold and other precious metals, we invite you to experience the clear reasons why Monex has been America's trusted name in precious metals for more than 40 years. For more information go to

10 Critical Questions to Ask Any Prospective Precious Metals Dealer

  1. How long has your company been in business?
  2. Who are the principals in your business? What are their backgrounds?
  3. How much business do you do on an annual basis? Sales totals and numbers of customers?
  4. What products or services do you specialize in?
  5. Are you selling real precious metals – or a paper substitute? What is the purity of the metal?
  6. What is the total delivered price of your metals purchase? Is that a firm price, and for how long?
  7. How and when will I receive the precious metal I purchased from you?
  8. What protection do I have that I will receive my metal once I send you money?
  9. Will you buy my metal back if and when I'm ready to sell it?
  10. Why should I do business with you?

These are just some of the questions you should ask your precious metals representative who should take the time to listen carefully to your investment objectives – and provide you with a strong comfort level regarding the strength, stability, and long-term level of service and expertise provided to precious metals customers. 

Your Investment – Your Responsibility

It's not surprising that, at a time when more and more investors are looking to take advantage of the growing opportunities in gold, silver, and other precious metals – there have been an increasing number of companies who set up their businesses virtually overnight. In many cases, these companies have limited precious metals experience and establish an Internet presence only.

Unfortunately, there are a handful of unethical companies, both upstarts and older firms, who seek to generate customers, particularly via online internet marketing – by misappropriating the Monex name, making false claims, or improperly leveraging Monex's long-term standing and reputation in the precious metals industry.

As an investor, it is your responsibility to do proper due diligence on precious metals companies and know that there is simply no substitute for solid, hard-won experience and a proven track record of successfully serving customers. Call a Monex precious metals specialist or you are welcome to stop by our offices and visit with us in person.  See for yourself why Monex has been America's trusted name in precious metals for more than 40 years. We are proud of our history as a well-regarded company and stand behind our documented record of outstanding service to our customers.

Finally, regardless of the investment, investors should understand that no one can predict the future. The success of any investment involves a wide range of factors including the investment vehicle, timing, market conditions, geo-political conditions and much more.  Monex, for many years, has been proud to provide many informed, independent-minded investors the opportunity to take advantage of long-term core investments in precious metals, as well as short-term leveraged investments.  Our company is proud to be associated with respected, major media outlets – including the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Investors Business Daily, CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, and Fox News.